Changes, Challenges, and Resolutions.

It is finally a new year and that means New Year’s Resolutions. But for some people (a lot of people) they are extremely difficult. This is so much more than the typical “lose weight” or “save money”. For people with chronic illness, a new year can mean a whole new year of challenges. Our resolutions often combine the typical with our own brand of unique pleas for a better life.

For those of us with “moderate” pain (I am in NO way making light of any level of pain), a resolution may be simply to work out more so our symptoms don’t get worse. For others of us with more progressed symptoms, we may resolve to look for alternative options that allow us to keep moving with as little pain as possible. But even those things just scratch the surface of our wish lists for the new year.

I know for myself, something has to actually change! I’ve been doing my resolutions a little differently the last few years and (even though my physical body hasn’t agreed with my choices) it’s been a big improvement over the typical set of lists people make. I look at the things in my life that I need to change or adjust and I write down what those things are, then look for consistencies in the list. What is it that I really need out of my year? Last year I noticed that I wanted to eat less, spend less, and so on. So I focused on it being the year of “LESS” in my life. For the most part I did… ok with it. I could have done WAY better, but I won’t get down on myself (that’s not how this works). This year when I really thought about my needs, I saw another very interesting pattern.

This year I need “MORE”. I want to be more active in my kids lives, write more on my blog, make more money, be more available, etc. So, I am letting it be known that I am stating my resolution for all to hear, and that I am going to do more this year. More for myself, more for my family, and more for my community.

I encourage everyone to find that one thing that you need this year. Maybe it’s wisdom. In life, work, with your doctor, etc. Maybe it’s strength, or care, or faith. There are so many possibilities! If you need some more examples and have questions about the origins of the My One Word resolution, check out the website It has helped me a lot!

Now, in the spirit of sticking to my new year’s word… (I usually HATE doing this)… I’m going to put my gofundme page back up. I’m trying to be more upfront and honest, I can’t do this on my own, I need help. Ignore if you like, I’m just trying to practice what I preach. Thank you!

One thought on “Changes, Challenges, and Resolutions.

  1. great post! i make resolutions every year, but in recent years i try to focus on a theme, rather than specific goals. so instead of saying “i want to lose a few pounds”, my resolution might be to focus more on a healthy lifestyle.

    i love the idea of finding one word that encompasses all goals for the year. i’ll have to revisit my resolutions and see if i can find that one thing that is common in all my resolutions. i think my one word is probably MEANING, but i’ll get back to you 🙂

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