Living in Fear of “The Nothing”

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was “The Neverending Story”. It had everything! Adventure, humor, fantasy, and drama… all rolled in to a beautiful story that revolved around a bullied kid… like me. I think that’s why so many people identify with that movie (and book), because Sebastian was more than just a main character, he was all of us. Even as the story progressed, we find that he represents all of us in our search for meaning in complexities. We work so hard to create situations in our head that are significantly more complicated than they really are, and seeing that depicted on screen (even as a kid) was inspirational.

Then there’s The Nothing. The bad “guy”. The dark force that threatens to ripe apart the world of imagination and free-thinking. How does it work into the picture? The Nothing represents void and loss, it is what happens when people stop believing in magic. Now I’m not talking about literal magic! You can’t fight The Nothing with a patronus spell. It’s about fighting for and dreaming of the future. Not giving up on those around you, or yourself. That is real magic.

In my life I have had to fight many Nothings.


So many times being told by doctors that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, or my test results came back fine. Which may seem great, but all it does is create more questions. The emptiness that comes when a friend stops calling or texting, and I know it’s because I’ve pushed them away by constantly turning them down. Watching my kids grow up and get more active, as I steadily deteriorate. The list goes on and on. But it is with the help of my kids, friends, and family that I’m able to keep The Nothing at bay.


Even though most days I feel like I’m trying desperately to pull myself out of the Swamp of Sadness, there is always a Luck Dragon to help me out. 🙂 I hope and pray that we all find a Luck Dragon to hold on to, and that we find a little piece of magic to believe in. It is this that will keep The Nothing away.